Artist Intern

Job Responsibilities

  • Based on concept art and art direction document to produce 3D/2D contents of game
  • Understands production pipeline and workflow
  • Provide standard art for the project, ranging from 3d modeling, texturing and FX
  • Communicate and work with other team members

Job Qualifications

  • knowledge of 3D Studio Max and Photoshop, and other art related software
  • Great communication skill, ability to work independently and in team environment
  • Plus:English speaking


  • 基于原画设定和美术规范来制作游戏所需的3D或2D内容
  • 理解美术制作流程
  • 制作项目所需的标准文件,从模型,贴图到一些特效
  • 和团队其他成员沟通并一起完成游戏内容


  • 熟练掌握3D Max和Photoshop, 及其他美术设计制作相关软件
  • 良好的沟通能力,可以和团队配合工作,并有独立完成工作的能力
  • 有一定的英语会话能力优先考虑

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