Client Programmer

Job Responsibilities

  • Use Unity to develop AAA original mobile games.
  • Implement client functions based on game design documents.
  • Understand the test driven development process, is able to design code for systems in testable modules.
  • Improve game performance.

Job Qualifications

  • Passion in game programming, keen for new tech
  • Proficient in C++
  • Familiar with algorithm & math used in gameplay.
  • Familiar with Unity.
  • Good team player.
  • PLUS: complete mobile development experience.
  • PLUS: Familiar with more common used language: lua, js , c#, python.
  • PLUS: Familiar with mobile game engin and SDK.
  • PLUS: Familiar with OPENGL or DX graphic interfaces.
  • PLUS: Good at tracking performance issue, and debug strange code problem.


  • 使用UNITY 引擎开发AAA原创手机游戏
  • 根据游戏的设计文档,实现客户端功能
  • 理解测试驱动开发流程,设计实现游戏功能单元测试
  • 优化游戏性能


  • 热爱游戏编程,喜欢学习新技术
  • C++ 和 C语言编程基础
  • 熟悉游戏设计中使用的算法
  • 熟悉UNITY引擎
  • 良好的团队合作精神
  • 优先考虑:有完整的移动项目经验
  • 优先考虑:熟悉其他语言:Lua,JS,C#,Python
  • 优先考虑:熟悉手机游戏引擎和移动SDK
  • 优先考虑:熟悉 OPENGL 或DX 图形接口
  • 优先考虑:善于跟踪性能问题 以及调试代码

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