Design Intern

Job Responsibilities

  • Work with producer and designers to build out and maintain a vision for a small mobile game
  • Design systems and features for the game
  • Balance existing systems to ensure smooth gameplay
  • Analyze market space to understand what our target gamers want

Job Qualifications

  • Currently studying for a degree in game design, computer science or related fields
  • Good understanding of both Chinese and foreign market spaces
  • Keen understanding of what makes games good and what makes them bad
  • Passionate Gamer
  • At least 3 days per week, 3 weeks per month
  • Plus: mobile app or game development experience


  • 配合制作人制作并改进小型手机游戏的方案
  • 设计游戏系统和特性
  • 平衡已有系统设置,确保游戏玩法流畅
  • 分析市场现状,理解玩家需求


  • 游戏策划、计算机科技或相关专业在读学生
  • 对中外游戏市场有一定认识
  • 理解决定游戏好坏的原因
  • 热爱游戏
  • 加分项:有一些移动应用或者游戏开发经验
  • 一周至少3天,一个月至少3周实习时间

Please feel free to send your resume to 请发送简历至