Junior Programmer

Job Responsibilities

  • Collaborate with other team member to deliver high quality mobile games.
  • Be able to understand the game design documents, build core gameplay prototypes to test design ideas.
  • Understand the test driven development process, is able to design code for systems in testable modules.
  • Help designer to improve gameplay system design, and do the code implementation & designs of these systems, provide designer necessary tools to test & authoring the design data.
  • Study the current cross platform (mobile & PC) engines, work with other programmer to tech solutions.

Job Qualifications

  • Bachelor degree
  • Skilled in object-oriented programming language C++/C#
  • Familiar with more common used language: Lua,JS,C#,Pythonua.
  • Experienced in Unity/Unreal.
  • Familiar with algorithm/networking/AI/Animation.
  • Good at team work.
  • Ability to learn and resolve.


  • 能够理解游戏的设计文档,建立核心游戏原型以测试设计思路。
  • 理解以测试为驱动的开发流程,能够设计系统代码用以测试代码模块。
  • 协助策划提高游戏的系统设计,并植入代码,将其执行和实施到这些系统的设计中,为策划提供必要的创作工具来测试设计数据。
  • 能够协助技术领队选择现有的算法解决方案,满足设计师对AI系统、物理系统的需求。
  • 研究当前跨平台(手机和PC)引擎,与其他程序员合作提供解决方案


  • 学士文凭
  • 熟练使用面向对象的编程语言C++ / C#
  • 熟悉通用语言:Lua,JS,C#,Python
  • 有使用Unity/Unreal的经验
  • 熟悉游戏设计中使用的机制/数学算法/网络/AI/动画
  • 善于团队合作
  • 有学习和解决问题的能力

Please feel free to send your resume to 请发送简历至HR@red-accent.com