Junior Project Manager / Project Assistant
初级项目经理 / 项目助理

Job Responsibilities

  • Understand and facilitate agile best practices
  • Measure and track progress against established project milestones
  • Analyze tracking data to ensure optimal efficiency within the team
  • Communicate efficiently with the team
  • Do some research, make daily report / Powerpoint / Budget, and Prepare presentation

Job Qualifications

  • Bachelor degree. 1 year of experience in project, preferably in Sport or Music games
  • Can think quickly and act accordingly
  • Careful, patient and organized
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills, preferably in Chinese and English
  • Passionate about Sport, Game, Music, technology and culture


  • 理解并推进提升效率的工具及方法
  • 跟进项目节点
  • 分析数据以确保组内效率最大化
  • 组内协调
  • 通过调查研究数据,制作每日报告,幻灯片及预算,并准备相关演示陈述


  • 学士学位,1年项目经验,运动或音乐类游戏项目优先
  • 思维敏捷,执行力强
  • 细心,耐心,条理清晰
  • 熟练中英文口语书面交流(英文是必须)
  • 热爱运动、音乐、游戏、相关技术及文化

Please feel free to send your resume to 请发送简历至HR@red-accent.com