Network Programmer

Job Responsibilities

  • build server for world class mobile game in a backend team
  • Collaborate with designers, implement backend features
  • Implement data mining tool, GM tool, deployment tool to help operation team operate the game
  • Optimize the network performance (bandwidth, connection)

Job Qualifications

  • Bachelor degree
  • Proficient in C++
  • Have experience in building servers for mobile game or other web applications.
  • Solid knowledge of socket programming and protocols (http, UDP, TCP/IP)
  • Familiar with SQL, use at least one database before
  • Good at debug & analysis network and online issue
  • Familiar with other languages (C#, java, python, Lua, PHP, JavaScript)
  • familiar with Linux & deployment of hardware & software


  • 构建世界级手机游戏后端服务器
  • 与设计师协作,实现后端功能
  • 实现数据挖掘工具、通用工具、部署工具,以支持游戏运营
  • 优化网络性能(带宽,连接等)


  • 学士文凭
  • 精通C++
  • 有丰富的移动游戏服务器及其他网页程序服务器构建的经验
  • 扎实的编程和协议知识(HTTP,UDP,TCP/ IP)
  • 熟悉SQL,以前至少使用过一个数据库
  • 善于分析和调试网络及线上问题
  • 熟悉其他语言(C#,Java,Python,Lua,PHP,JavaScript)
  • 熟悉Linux和软硬件部署

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