Senior Programmer

Job Responsibilities

  • Collaborate with other team member to deliver high quality mobile games.
  • Be able to choose existing algorithm solutions with Tech lead, meet designer’s requirement for algorithm/networking/AI/performance optimization/graphics.
  • Tutor junior programmers on the current cross platform (mobile & PC) engines, code review, work with Tech lead on tech solutions.
  • Develop Animation, AI system to build believable & interesting character in game.
  • Optimize the engine & game performance.

Job Qualifications

  • Bachelor degree
  • Skilled in object-oriented programming language C++/C#.
  • Complete project experience, worked and released on multiple titles.
  • Familiar with mobile game engine and mobile SDK.
  • Good at tracking performance issue, and debug strange code problem.
  • Specialized on at least one of area: algorithm/networking/AI/performance optimization/graphics.
  • Good at communication and willing to lead.


  • 理解游戏的设计文件,建立核心游戏原型测试的设计思路。
  • 能够在技术主管的领导下选择现有的算法解决方案,满足设计师对算法/网络/AI/性能优化/图形的要求。
  • 指导初级程序员使用当前的跨平台(移动和PC)引擎,进行代码评审,协助技术主管解决技术问题。
  • 开发动画的AI系统,在游戏中建立可信的和有趣的角色
  • 优化游戏引擎和游戏性能


  • 大学本科及以上学位
  • 熟练使用面向对象的编程语言C++ / C#。
  • 具有完整的项目经验,曾多次参与并发布过数个项目。
  • 熟悉手机游戏引擎和移动SDK。
  • 善于跟踪性能问题和调试代码问题。
  • 至少专注于一个领域:算法/网络/AI/性能优化/图形。
  • 善于沟通,且有一定领导才能。

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