UI/UX Artist

Job Responsibilities

  • Work with designer and engineer to design user interface for mobile games and applications
  • Define UI visual style and provide feedback and guidance to outside dev team
  • Work closely with internal development to ensure flawless integration with back-end technology and a great user experience
  • Continually unify and improve UI best practice according to test and market feedback
  • Consistently follow and lean new design trend in industry

Job Qualifications

  • +2 years working as an Interface Designer for Mobile Interfaces
  • Strong communication and cooperation skill
  • Knowledge of user interface principle and psychology needs
  • A solid portfolio to share and show us you can do the magic we need
  • English writing and reading is plus, unless you are a master of UI


  • 和策划、程序一起完成 移动端游戏/应用的用户界面的设计
  • 定义界面风格,同时指导和规范外部开发团队的用户界面制作
  • 和内部团队紧密合作找到最佳方法使用技术来实现最佳用户体验
  • 根据用户测试反馈和市场反馈,持续改进、寻找和总结最佳用户界面设计的方向
  • 学习和关注移动互联网领域的新设计潮流以满足用户的需求


  • 2年或者以上移动端软件工作经验的设计师
  • 很强的交流和合作能力
  • 具备一定人机界面的设计原理和用户心理学知识
  • 需要有能让我们信服的完成的设计作品
  • 有一定的英文读写能力,除非专业技能非常强

Please feel free to send your resume to 请发送简历至HR@red-accent.com