Our team of amazing people, coming from all corners of the video game industry - mobile, console and PC, is made up of former developers and publishers responsible for titles like: EVE Online, NBA Online, Borderlands Online, BioShock, Civilization Revolution, XCOM:Enemy Unknown, Splinter Cell, Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time, etc.
Management team members have more than 10 years experience on project development and management.

绯音软件团队由全球游戏业界资深开发人员组成,成员均来自世界知名开发商如育碧、TakeTwo、EA美国艺电、动视暴雪、Gameloft、CCP、东星、Konami,参与制作过的游戏包括NBA2K系列、无主之地系列、生化奇兵系列、文明系列、幽浮系列、黑手党系列、波斯王子系列、分裂细胞、Dust 514、等。

Julien Bares portrait

Julien Bares

Co-Founder and CEO

2K China:
General Manager

Take-Two Asia:
Head of Business Development

Greg Gobbi portrait

Greg Gobbi

Co-Founder and CCO

2K Games:
Co-Founder and Chief Creative

Ubisoft Montreal:
Chief Creative

Shen Nan portrait

Shen Nan


CCP Online:
Technical Director
Senior Programmer

Lead Programmer

Regina Gao portrait

Regina Gao

Production Director

2K China / Electronic Arts
/ Bone Studio / Tose:
Senior Producer and
Development Director

Hogarth De La Plante portrait


Art Director

Senior Artist and Art Director

2K China:
Art Director